Friday, January 13, 2006

Movies – An escapist's haven

© Vinay Nagaraju

It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you view them on the screen. - Alex Delarge, "A Clockwork Orange "

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes. – Robert Altman

Looking back at the year that died a couple of days ago, I can see how much I got addicted to watching movies over its lifetime. Movies, of all genre and hues. These wonderful little pieces of art, are such inviting, creative and free expressive medium for its maker. It is also an open arm embrace to the viewer to explore and experience different worlds. Never had I any aversion to these creations. However, the limited exposure to Indian movies killed the chi during adolescence. Parallel cinema as it is known, always endeared me. I always thought it gave enough 'food for thought', as if I was starved for it outside of cinema. But, films never served the purpose of entertainment for me.

During my teens when this indulgence germinated, watching heroes on the silver screen, their idealism, their charisma was always alluring. Captivating were the performance of the likes of annavru and others. Sometime later, the leisure pursuits turned into something like, 'I shouldn't miss this' attitude, impervious to how bad the movie actually was. It was a way of killing time and being with a circle of friends. It was an opportunity to skip classes at college. In the last few years however, it has been an assured and safe escape from life's responsibilities. A few entrancing hours, when the mind will considerably be free of judgments and evaluations. The task of killing time, especially over a weekend, when I think I cannot do anything else, was outsourced to movies. Not that on those weekends I am incapacitated or something, but nonetheless overwhelmed with lethargy.
This year was different. I carefully nurtured the desire to see the world on my lap at just a feet and a half away from my eyes. Thanks to my laptop and its widescreen. Here was a window to a world that I would any day be willing to escape to. A sanctuary that I fail to create myself amidst the din and roar of everyday life. A foreign land, which I 'may' some day flee to; meeting people of all shapes, sizes and colours. Meet characters and know their idiosyncrasies and characters that touch, move or inspire. Adaptations of tomes that I would need another thousand lifetimes to read. Scents of women that I can never recognise, but would always love to fall for.
Call it entertainment, pursuits or diversions, watching movies from Spanish and French to Italian and Mandarin, was an exhilarating and invigorating experience.
The year is dead, long live the propensity.
" Whoo - ah ! I am psyched."