Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tea Break

Yesterday, it was like any other evening. Dark clouds hovered over in my neighbourhood. I just drove, wanting to be back home before it poured. Amma promptly brought me my evening cuppa chai. She was impervious to the irritability that I bring home from office these days. As I sat sipping my tea, something provoked me. It was irresistible. There was no place for second thoughts. I just braved myself out through the front door, into the sheets of water. Walking into those fierce showers, out on the deserted street, was out of the ordinary for me. It was a sprout of my impulsiveness. With bare feet and a few clothes on, I walked around unarmed in the rain, stretching my arms out in thin air and water. Until then, I was a stranger to the capriciousness in me.

Putting my face to the sky with closed eyes, as rain came down in sheets was such fun. When life could get at its monotonous best, small pleasures can kick in energy. Yesterday was one such. I came back and my half-empty cuppa chai was still there waiting to be finished.


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